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Beat the AI Hype to Achieve Proactive Cyber Defense

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Join this half-day event to understand the reality versus the hype surrounding AI and how to achieve cyber resilience.

Adversaries are taking advantage of automation and AI to create sophisticated new threats in rapid time.

Conversely, vendor promises of AI as the panacea to mitigate these threats can be confusing at best. As the leading Cyber AI vendor, Darktrace has a decade of success helping customers mitigate risk by using AI, by preparing security teams before an attack occurs and speeding up investigations and containment to stop an attack becoming a breach.

Learn new innovations to shift from a reactive detection and response-only posture to the latest in proactive cyber defense – to stay steps ahead of adversaries.
Gain the AI knowledge you need to navigate the cyber security landscape and distinguish AI vendor technology from AI marketing, and learn how AI is used by adversaries.
Hear from your industry peers and Darktrace experts on AI use cases, and understand how a platform approach is your best defense against an uncertain future of AI generated attacks.
Why Attend?
Stay Ahead of the Evolving Threat Landscape
Adversaries are rapidly adopting automation and AI, inundating security teams with alerts across every location with threats like DarkGate. Hear more about these threats and how AI-powered cyber defense can handle their speed and scale.
Gain an Advantage with latest AI-led Product innovations
Darktrace has made radical leaps forward with AI-led alert triage for unprecedented SecOps productivity, holistic email security delivering peace of mind, a uniquely transparent AI you can trust, and dozens more innovations.
Strengthen Your Position in AI
Expand your AI knowledge and know-how. Learn how to navigate the vendor landscape. Determine what questions to ask to get ahead of your SOC strategy. Prepare to communicate with your C-Suite and maximize ROI with integrations like Microsoft.


What to expect

Benvenuti a Darktrace LIVE

Registrazione e rinfresco.

Keynote: Come la rivoluzione dell'intelligenza artificiale sta trasformando il panorama delle minacce

L'intelligenza artificiale sta aumentando la velocità, la proliferazione e il successo degli attacchi. Analizzeremo le ultime minacce che colpiscono oggi la vostra azienda e scoppriremo come potete difendervi adottando un approccio di sicurezza basato sull'intelligenza artificiale. 

Panel di analisi dei clienti

Your peers will share real-world use cases, leading security strategies, technology integrations, and how AI has transformed SecOps.

Immersioni tecniche

Partecipate alle sessioni condotte da esperti che coprono le migliori pratiche di rilevamento e risposta estesi (xDR) ed esplorano la sicurezza di e-mail, rete, cloud, endpoint e OT.


Collegatevi con i vostri colleghi, discutete dei vostri risultati e godetevi un'esperienza di networking esclusiva in una città vicina a voi.

Coming to a city near you

who should attend?
Darktrace LIVE is designed for security professionals that want to engage, learn, and network with industry leaders and peers.  Be part of the conversation about how AI in cyber security can proactively strengthen the defense posture against critical threats to email, network, cloud, OT, endpoint and apps. There is information for every technical role, including:
IT Security Managers & Directors
SOC Managers
Security Architects
Email Security Managers
Vulnerability Managers

Max Heinemeyer

Chief Product Officer

Nicole Eagan

Responsabile della strategia, responsabile dell'intelligenza artificiale

Chris Kozup

Direttore marketing

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Coming to a city near you

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