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The cloud is an extremely dynamic environment. Workloads come and go. Developers change direction. Resources are fluid and hard to pinpoint.

Cloud security must also be dynamic.

It needs to be real-time, all the time.

Darktrace's Cyber AI understands your cloud environment, continuously learning ‘normal’ across your network, architectural and management layers.

This allows it to prioritize risks and correlate threats, giving you insight into what is going on in your cloud architecture right now.


Real-Time Response to Emerging Incidents

Because Darktrace AI knows what’s normal for your cloud environment, it can take surgical action to shut down anomalous, threatening activity – all through platform-native controls.
Compatible with all major cloud providers
AWS certified – “Well Architected” Badge
Improved serverless architecture
Covers every layer of AWS cloud
Deep AWS partnership

Si adatta a organizzazioni grandi e piccole, in qualsiasi settore.

Darktrace/Cloud™ customers come in all shapes and sizes, and operate a range of cloud platforms and services. Built for SMB, Enterprise, Government, and Critical Infrastructure.
Buildings above the clouds

Quick & Easy Deployment with Granularity Where You Need It.

Deploys from the cloud in minutes
Data drawn either from lightweight host-based server agents or a combination of traffic mirroring and API logs
Supports multi-tenant, hybrid, and serverless environments

The Right Approach Can Handle Anything

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Estrazione dei dati
Critical Misconfigurations
Minacce interne
Vulnerabilities that matter to you

Leveraging data from across your digital estate

Darktrace/Cloud combines with the rest of Darktrace's product suite to build a complete picture of your organization, hardening the security posture across the entire digital ecosystem.
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CISO’s Guide to Cloud Security

Demystify the cloud and discover your security blind spots.
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